Clients often come to us and explain that they would like to remove single-use plastic pallet wrap from the pallets they despatch as part of their sustainability strategy or environmental targets.
Plastic pallet wrap has been around a long time, and it can be challenging to find ways to remove it from the supply chain. The team at PCNets has worked hard to create a practical and affordable alternative pallet wrap solution that supports the company’s environmental and sustainability strategies.

As an eco-friendly alternative to plastic pallet wrap, using PCNets can enable your company to become more efficient while helping to meet your sustainability goals.

PCNets are a reusable and robust alternative for securing products to pallets for storage and safe transport. Using PCNets removes the need for plastic pallet wrap and helps reduce plastic waste and disposal costs. Each PCNet can be used thousands of times and will last between 3 – 5 years. They are also end-of-life recyclable.

PCNets are fast and easy to apply

PCNets are easily pulled down around your product and then attached around the bottom of the pallet. The elasticated edging ensures a tight fit around the products to keep them from moving. Each PCNet can also be reduced by up to 500mm in height, allowing products to be removed from a pallet while ensuring the remaining stock is still secure.

PCNets are available in three different pallet sizes to suit most markets. Each range also has 5 height options from 0.5m up to 1.8m. Each net is colour coded for easy recognition of sizes and height.

Benefits include:

  • Reusable for up to 5 years
  • Recyclable at the end of life
  • No plastic waste disposal costs
  • Elasticated ending
  • Available in three pallet sizes and multiple net heights
  • Faster than plastic pallet wrap
  • Improves your environmental footprint
  • Less product damage in transit
    Contains product during a potential tip over
  • Easy to remove products and re-secure pallet
  • High-quality, light-weight design
  • Resistant to dirt and UV rays
  • Resistent to abrasion

PCNets can improve your environmental sustainability

PCNets are designed and manufactured as a cost-efficient, reusable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional methods for pallet containment. PCNets will contribute to your company becoming more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly. As PCNets are fast to apply and reusable, they will quickly see your business saving time and money.

They eliminate the costs associated with disposing of used plastic film. Your company will also benefit from time savings when staff don’t have to replace stretch wrap when any products are removed from the pallet. The team can simply pull down the PCNet, remove the required product and re-secure the PCNet.