Reduce single-use plastic waste

Remove your dependency on plastic wrap by using PCNets reusable pallet wrapping systems.

Single-use plastic waste is a global social, economic, and environmental issue, one that GAPrie is proud to be involved in by negating the need for plastic wrap in the transport and storage of products. By working on solutions with our team your business is clearly demonstrating its commitment to sustainability, innovation and improved environmental performance.

We all need to change our mindset, the reuse of packaging represents a major opportunity for your business to achieve large reductions in material use, waste disposal and environmental impacts. The flow on effect of this change results in significant long-term cost savings.

Wrapping pallets in layers of thin plastic is not sustainable, on a business or planet-wide scale. Sustainability requires a tough, reusable product: PCNets.

Improve your company sustainability

A sustainable business achieves minimal negative impact on the global environment, community, society, or economy. It’s easy to focus on the disposal cost of plastic pallet wrap to your business, however there is a wider issue. The impact of producing that plastic initially also has a major environmental impact. If you unfold the process in reverse, you will see the cost and waste from producing the plastic wrap. When you start to realise the positive impacts of re-usable PCNets pallet nets you have no further reason to delay.

100% Recycleable Materials used

High tensile Polypropylene used in the production of PCNets is widely used by many industries. It’s an incredibly versatile material that is strong, durable, and eco-friendly. Recycling 1 tonne of Polypropylene saves 270 square feet of landfill space instead becoming everyday household items. Now is the time to embrace the zero-waste change, offset your plastic footprint.

Less Plastic Wrap going to landfills

A massive 252,000 tonnes of plastic waste are disposed into New Zealand Landfills every year. Once you invest into PCNets re-useable pallet wraps your business is making a conscious decision to secure a better future. Over the lifetime of your re-useable nets, you could reduce your plastic waste from pallet wrap to zero and gain financially.

Reduce & Reuse

One of the issues with plastic pallet wrapping is that often times more is used than required. Particularly in manual application where no set amount is dispensed. It’s bad enough that it’s a single-use product, but using more than is needed makes it doubly so. One of the best ways to limit the impact of plastics on the environment is to “capture” the plastic in reusaeable products. PCNets do just this. By adapting to a reusable format, PCNets ensure plastic has a long and productive life.

Get a Greener Grip

We have seen a monumental shift of consumer driven interest in sustainable packaging over the last few years. With regulation supporting the shift from plastic to recyclable alternatives there’s opportunity to be proactive. Consumers also tell us that recyclable and re-useable packaging are one of the most important features in their product choice.