Pallet wrapping made easy

PCNets reusable pallet nets use cutting edge technology designed to be managed easily by one person in three simple steps.

PCNets pallet nets fast easy to install

Our pallet nets can quickly and easily be secured by a single individual.  No tools or specialised devices required.

PCNets pallet nets pull net over cargo

Pull PCNet over cargo

Our unique elasticated design allows a single person to stretch the net over the stacked pallet swiftly.

PCNets pallet nets secure bottom catches

Secure bottom catches

Pass the tethering strap through the pallet and secure to the net, so easy it can be done one handed.

PCNets pallet nets tighten straps

Tighten top straps

In one motion tighten the top straps over the pallet no matter the shape of the contents it’s holding.

PCNets no pallet shrink wrap

Leading the movement from plastic wrap

Keep businesses, employees and products safe while reaching sustainability goals with our reusable, recyclable, award winning, PCNets.

PCNets is a game changer in the world of logistics and distribution; eliminating the need for single use shrink wrap when transporting and storing products. This unique reusable pallet netting comes at a time when companies worldwide strive to reach sustainability goals by reducing single use plastic on pallets.

PCNets PIDA award logo

The PCNets solution to the plastic wrapping problem received a PIDA packaging award for innovation in 2020.

PCNets in action

Our elasticated high tensile pallet nets have been designed with over 10 years of industry experience assisting various companies including wholesalers, long haul cargo transport, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. The aim is to prevent product loss and damage to pallet loads while they are in transit, on a truck, vehicle, or a forklift in a warehouse situation.

Reusable pallet nets is an award-winning sustainable formula providing you an affordable alternative to securing your pallet contents. With satisfied clients worldwide embracing the reusable pallet nets they have seen first-hand the benefits of our products being used quickly and easily by one person.

Fast, secure and quick to apply.  It’s easy to see how the reuasable pallet net solution makes more sense than single use plastic wrap.

Faster than plastic wrapping

We understand the `need for speed’ in business, with proven efficiency for our clients showing immediate cost savings in manual labour and plastic disposal. Our elasticated containment nets have easy to secure cambuckles ensuring a no fuss process.

Low cost, ongoing savings

The bottom line is important; designed for increased speed and saving on machine training costs, PCNets provides you the opportunity to save thousands of dollars over its lifetime. Talk to our friendly team today, seeing is believing.

Better for the environment

We support businesses in achieving sustainability goals, eliminating plastic wrap is a major opportunity to contribute to the global vision of reducing landfill. With savings in disposal costs and our nets being 100% recyclable we support our environment.

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We don’t just focus on Pallet Safety…

Specialising in the field of industrial protection and training with fall arrest safety nets and pallet rack containment, we have you covered.

pcnet elenets warehouse rack netting

Custom made pallet racking safety netting system providing an environmentally friendly alternative to steel mesh made right here in New Zealand to comply with the Health and Safety Act. Options of fixed and vertical safety nets.

PCNets safety nets fall arrest
Keeping worksites safe with high quality fall arrest safety nets protecting workers from falls and debris with the added benefit of our in-house training. Our modern materials combine to create a lightweight, UV resistant netting.