PCNets save your business money

Wrap and strap at speed, we have you covered with the highest quality re-useable pallet netting to secure your products, and your bottom line.

Does it sound too good to be true when we tell you we can save you real money? Plastic pallet wrap has been around for years, but it’s evolved and we’ve developed pallet wrapping into an affordable eco-friendly tool. The cost savings go hand-in-hand with the environmental benefits by using cutting-edge technology which has spoken volumes to our clients who are on board with cutting costs.

We estimate that if you’re wrapping 100 pallets a day, you’re producing tons of waste plastic each year. Is that a burden you’re willing to carry? PCNets pallet netting solutions will deliver on its promise to reduce plastic consumption whilst maintaining pallet stability and damage free deliveries to your customers. PCNets reusable pallet containment wraps are an investment in research and development, resulting in maximum load stability, minimal weight, and ensuring peace of mind.

Material & Plant Savings

How much is it costing you to wrap your pallets? Did you know you could save money, speed up the process, reduce product damage and get the environmental tick? PCNets offer you a sophisticated, user-friendly option.

More affordable than plastic wrapping consumeables

Our loyal customers like Chia Sisters, have made the switch to PCNets pallet netting and witnessed an immediate reduction in plastic use and costs. They are proud to share our affordable, high-quality solution suitable for the local artisans or the global suppliers. Over 5 years you can save almost two hundred thousand dollars on 100 pallets a day.

Low up-front investment

We are all too familiar with business budgets but to fully realise your return on investment you must look to the future. We deliver unrivalled performance levels in pallet containment with the lowest upfront investment. You might just be surprised how low the investment is compared to labour and ongoing machine costs.

No special tools or machinery

For bulk wrapping many businesses turn to hand applicators or expensive, complex automated wrapping machines. These options simply add more to your already costly plastic wrapping process and leave you open to repair costs and maintenance downtime. PCNets require no additional equipment. Simply grab and go!

Load adjustability means no wasteful plastic wrap changes

Profitability is about driving efficiency and reducing costs. PCNets offer versatility for irregular size stacking reducing double handling of pallet wrapping. During the storage or transport process you can simply reduce the pallet height by 500mm without wastage or time loss. It’s a simple up and down process that only takes minutes.

No waste / dumping costs

Using the three principles of the circular economy, product design, re-useable products, and regenerating the environment we have been able to design out the waste and pollution. The cost of dumping plastic wrap alone costs your business thousands of dollars a year. PCNets are the only common-sense solution to reducing waste and costs.

Save on Staff Labour and Training

Initial and ongoing training, short-term operator fatigue and the risk of long-term repetitive strain injury are business risks. If you need evidence that PCNets is a commercially viable alternative, consider these points to dramatically reduce impact while increasing efficiency. Reducing labour costs and increase productivity, its business 101.

Faster to apply than plastic wrap

Consider peak operating capacity, extra staff come on board to get the products out, you need mobility and flexibility. With each pallet that uses PCNets you are making a time and money investment in extremely strong productivity. Using a fraction of the space of a machine, they suit any environment being mobile and flexible.

Save on Staff & Machinery Training

Our simple 3-Step application saves you hours of training and supervision. The process for applying a PCNet is quick to learn, with no complicated machinery required. This means minimal initial training, no ongoing training, and no machine service training. With less to learn and no complexity you reduce the likelihood of human error and downtime.

Adjustabilty makes for fast pallet load changes

Moving product internally in a warehouse and altering pallet loads is high risk. Maximised pallet height while eliminating damage from loads moving or falling is an important link in the supply chain. Designed to support your process exactly as you need it to reduce double handling and bottlenecks in your supply chain.