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Small Pallet Net – 0.8(W) x 1.2(L) x 0.5(H)

0.5m high | Black Edge | Pallet Size: 0.8m x 1.2m

$79.95 + GST

About this PCNet

0.5m high PCNets Pallet Net to fit standard pallet size 0.8m x 1.2m. Edging colour is BLACK.

This pallet size is commonly used in; Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany and Spain.

PCNets Pallet Nets are a cost-effective, high-quality, robust and reusable alternative to traditional plastic pallet wrap for securing your product onto pallets. Using PCNets will help your company become more efficient and environmentally friendly while saving you time and money.

PCNets come in three pallet sizes that suit most industry-standard pallets with five available heights for each pallet size. All pallet nets are colour coded for ease of size recognition.

PCNets are easy to apply and secure to your pallet. The elasticated edging ensures a tight fit for your pallet to help keep loads stable and secure. Our Pallet Nets can be reduced by up to 400mm of height which allows for products to be removed from the pallet without the need to re-wrap. Our unique, elasticated design allows for a single person to stretch the net over the stacked pallet swiftly. Pass the tethering strap through the pallet and attach to the net, then tighten the top straps over the pallet to secure.

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