Pallet wrapping made easy

PCNets reusable pallet wraps use cutting edge technology designed to be managed easily by one person in three simple steps.

PCNets can quickly and easily be secured by a single individual.  No tools or specialised devices required.

Pull PCNet over cargo

Our unique elasticated design allows a single person to stretch the net over the stacked pallet swiftly.

Secure bottom catches

Pass the tethering strap through the pallet and secure to the net, so easy it can be done one handed.

Tighten top straps

In one motion tighten the top straps over the pallet no matter the shape of the contents it’s holding.

Faster than plastic wrapping

We understand the `need for speed’ in business, with proven efficiency for our clients showing immediate cost savings in manual labour and plastic disposal. Our elasticated containment nets have easy to secure cambuckles ensuring a no fuss process.

Low cost, ongoing savings

The bottom line is important; designed for increased speed and saving on machine training costs, PCNets provides you the opportunity to save thousands of dollars over its lifetime. Talk to our friendly team today, seeing is believing.

Better for the environment

We support businesses in achieving sustainability goals, eliminating plastic wrap is a major opportunity to contribute to the global vision of reducing landfill. With savings in disposal costs and our nets being 100% recyclable we support our environment.