PCNets eco-friendly pallet wrap solution is taking on the world one pallet at a time as winners of the innovation award in the UK. The focus of the award is not just plastic scrutiny but carbon emissions all while searching for cutting edge sustainable packaging solutions.

The Eco challenge supports new ways of thinking on a global scale. We should all be aware by now that sustainable packaging is good for profits as well as the planet, if you are still hesitant its time to enter the octagon and get ready to rumble.

Ways of living and doing business has changed dramatically as people and organisations are looking for new ways to support the environment, with growing recognition on how we can do things better for a greener future. In the current take, make, and dispose society we live in, consumers are increasingly considering sustainability when making purchasing decisions. The single use, disposable sectors have been prevalent, but times are changing.
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PCNets eco-friendly pallet wrap keeping loads secure

Only 14% of the plastic packaging used globally is recycled. A massive 40% continues its life in landfills and another third ends up in our fragile eco system. There was a study that predicted by 2050 there would be more plastic in our oceans than fish. The deterioration of the environment caused by discarded man-made materials has reached critical levels.

Fortunately, there are organisations and companies like GAPrie Ltd that are pioneering a new change by investing in circular packaging solutions where waste is reduced dramatically. Companies that embrace this global challenge also succeed in unlocking financial benefits and competitive advantage by using the PCNets eco-friendly pallet wrap system.